US Healthcare Supply is proud to be a part of the Employment Transitions Program at Delaware Valley Regional High School in Frenchtown, NJ. This program offers older, special needs students the opportunity to develop and practice employment skills in their own communities.

During the program, students work approximately 1 ¼ hours each day, 2 to 4 days a week. Each work rotation lasts for about 7 weeks and every student works with a job coach for the entire time they are on site. The job coach is one of the paraprofessionals on staff at Delaware Valley Regional High School. The students have had various responsibilities at US Healthcare Supply, such as verifying addresses for postcard mailers, scanning and filing of documents and applying stickers to various products.

“The Employment Transitions program at Delaware Valley Regional High School would not be as successful as it is if not for the support that companies like US Healthcare Supply provide. They have welcomed our students with disabilities into their company and provided them with valuable “real life” work skills they are then able to transfer to other settings.” said Nanette Neadle, Special Education Teacher, Delaware Valley Regional High School.

Jon Letko, CEO and owner of US Healthcare Supply, hopes more local companies can get involved with this program or other similar programs. “It’s been a valuable experience for the students, as well as a rewarding one for our staff, to be able to work with the Del-Val students. We’ve been participating in this program for over 2 years and look forward to continuing to do so,” said Letko.

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