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Jon Letko

Jon Letko, CEO, “I started this company with a vision to help promote the benefits of healthy living. I feel a responsibility to do my part in educating the community about the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. US Healthcare Supply promotes healthy living to our patients as well as our local community with events such as our Kids Fun Run.”

Jon P. Letko, CEO and owner of US Healthcare Supply, understands the importance of proactive healthcare options. He strives to promote patient health by making non-surgical methods of treatment readily available to those who need them. Letko’s knowledge of the healthcare field, coupled with his exceptional leadership, has allowed US Healthcare Supply to develop cutting-edge business techniques on its way to success.

US Healthcare Supply was formed with a simple goal: to deliver diabetes testing supplies to patients in an easy and convenient fashion. The company has evolved significantly since its inception seven years ago, but has never strayed from the founding ideals of providing convenient healthcare options and putting patients first. US Healthcare Supply is proud to have assisted over 100,000 patients with their medical supply needs.

As an established member of the community, Jon Letko continually emphasizes the importance giving back. Over the years, he has been involved with a number of local charities and community programs. Jon’s overarching goal is to promote healthy lifestyles – especially among young people. He understands that habits begin early, and teaching kids the benefits of staying active can ensure that they live happy, healthy lives.

“What I learned on the football field those 4 years about motivation, dedication and hard work greatly impacted me and influenced me to become the individual I am today. In turn, I want to show my support to the current players on the team and help make their experiences on the field as positive as mine were.”

- Jon Letko

In the spirit of this cause, US Healthcare Supply sponsors an annual ‘Kids Fun Run’ for all families in the community. Each year the event serves to bring people together and get children excited about running by creating a fun environment for exercise. As part of his wellness initiative, Jon Letko also sponsors several local sports teams, including Kingwood Basketball and North Hunterdon High School Football. Since it is his alma mater, Jon is especially proud to be able to give back to North Hunterdon. He fondly recalls how being a part of the North football team helped to shape his exercise habits and understanding of healthy living.

While Jon is highly dedicated to his local community service work, there is also a larger cause that he champions – breast cancer research. Jon lost his mother to breast cancer when he was young, and is committed to helping find a cure. With the help of his team at US Healthcare Supply, Jon has put on numerous fundraisers to support breast cancer research. Furthermore, Jon has matched every dollar raised by the company and its employees. To date, these efforts have allowed US Healthcare Supply to donate over $27,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Outside of work, Jon can be found spending time with his wife Kristen, and his two young sons, Bradley and Caleb.